Close Combat: First to Fight

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Close Combat: First to Fight

Post  aonguda on Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:46 pm

Close Combat: First to Fight

In working out took part more than 40 real fighters of the Case of marines, from private soldiers to colonels, including those who literally has returned several months ago from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Accordingly, in game real weapon and tactics of these “elite parts, few elite, by the first engaging are used, capable within 96 hours to strike blow to the enemy in an every spot on the globe” as developers - in particular patriotically write, system RTFA (”Ready-Team-Fire-Assist, defining, as members of group how they overcome ladders, crossroads, etc.
Should be armed to provide the maximum cover to the companions, etc. Action Close Combat: First to Fight it is developed, however, not in Iraq and not in Afghanistan, but too nearby - in streets of Beirut which, as it is known, too you will not carry to number of especially quiet places (and in general war on city streets is considered the most difficult). You order group of four persons (including you); however, three subordinates - completely not unique your allies. Your group is a part of air-land tactical grouping, and you can request and get support of helicopters, tanks, snipers, mortars etc. However as developers speak, “the main weapon is a human will”. That is in game the great attention is given to modelling of psychological aspects, first of all, the factors influencing fighting spirit. Sometimes it is possible to put to flight superior forces of the opponent, simply suddenly having bypassed them from flanks.

Information on game:
>> Name: Close Combat:First to Fight
>> Genre: Action (Tactical / Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
>> Platform: PC
>> Developer: Atomic Games
>> Publisher: 2K Games
>> Language: Russian / English
>> Sustem requirements: Pentium 1.0 Mhz the RAM: 256 MB the Video card: 128 MB
>> Size: 3.06 Gb

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